Welcome to the Crater of Life

This is our new campaign homepage. It is just a beginning, but I hope together we can improve it to the point of being very useful.

The Wiki has a brief overview of the setting for this campaign. It also will detail the numerous factions and unique monsters living within the Crater. It will be subject to never-ending expansion and improvement as the world and the creatures in it become more detailed. I am hoping the players contribute to this. Of course I personally have an endless supply of ideas and a strong desire to write it all down, but remember this is OUR game, not MY game. Player suggestions, opinions, and ideas of any kind are encouraged and welcomed.

The Adventure Log will be used to well… log our adventures. It will record what happens in game and out of game at each session.

The Characters sections is rather self explanatory. I will use it to keep track of and detail all the various NPCs. Some monsters, even ones who are not self aware or even alive, are still important. While not NPCs, these creatures have names, personalities, homes, and unique histories behind them. This section will keep track of them as well. It will also, hopefully, detail all the player characters.

The Forum and Maps sections are also both self explanatory.

Please, everyone feel free to contact my about anything. You can create a topic here in the forum section, or call/email me. Most if not all of you know my cellphone number. My email is brandon.young9@yahoo.com

Crater of Life