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Roughly 7000 years ago a great cataclysm created what is know known as the Crater of Life. Populated primarily by reptilian creatures the Crater was quickly found to contain an unnaturally vast amount of both animals and intelligent beings as well as a thick, ever expanding jungle. No normal ecosystem could possibly support so much flora and fauna. Further adding to the mystery was the stark contrast in the areas surrounding this newly formed region. Mostly temperate forest in every direction, this ring became known as the Hollow Lands. The entire area can only be described as endless winter without any snow.

4387 years ago a second event led to drastic changes in both the Crater itself and all those living within.

It quickly earned a reputation for seemingly never ending violence. Open war raged between the many factions and the uncountable number of beasts and monsters began a frenzied, murderous rampage. Even the jungle itself became a lethal deathtrap.

The nations of the world, once so eager to claim the incalculable resources of the Crater, abandoned it once they realized colonization was hopeless. The endless violence has stymied every attempt to research and explore the many unique creatures and forgotten ruins.

Recently a great expedition set forth to examine and explain the mysteries of this lethal realm. This expedition met with disaster when a third event occurred as most of the caravan was atop and within the jagged mountain range the separates the Crater from the Hollow Lands. Massive landslides resulted in the death of almost all those within the mountains and left those still outside unable to enter.

This campaign started a few hours after the third event.

Main Page

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